Chris Morris most expensive IPL player
RR shelled a staggering Rs 16.25 crore for Chris Morris and the move didn't pay off.

Former South African all-rounder Chris Morris, the previous most expensive player in the IPL auction, has recently opened up about the pressure he felt heading into the tournament. Morris admitted that his high price tag weighed heavily on him, but surprisingly, he also revealed that he enjoyed the added pressure, claiming that it brought out the best in him.

During the 2021 IPL auction, Rajasthan Royals secured Chris Morris for a record-breaking sum of INR 16.25 crores, making him the most expensive player in the auction’s history. Despite the hefty price tag, the 35-year-old all-rounder’s performance for the team was average, taking 15 wickets in 12 games while maintaining a decent batting strike rate of 136.73.

Being a million-dollar player, Chris Morris acknowledged that the expectation is to consistently deliver exceptional performances. However, the seasoned all-rounder believes that the added pressure leads to extraordinary accomplishments on the field.

The retired Proteas cricketer believes that the pressure of being a high-value player is essential for delivering match-winning performances consistently. He acknowledged that the added pressure of being a top earner in the league exists, but he thrived under it and believed it brought out his best. Morris feels that cricket without pressure would be dull, and it’s the pressure that leads to special moments on the field.

With an impressive record of 290 wickets and three fifties in T20 cricket, Morris retired in January 2022 to become a coach.

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