Steve Smith Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes celebrates his historic milestone during the Ashes 2023 Test at the Oval.

England Test captain Ben Stokes believes that T20 cricket and Test cricket can coexist and thrive in international cricket.

Despite concerns that the popularity of T20 cricket may overshadow Test cricket, Stokes is optimistic about the future of both formats.

Stokes acknowledged the significant impact of T20 cricket in attracting new players and fans to the game. He credited T20 for its ability to generate interest and participation, regardless of the format.

Additionally, he highlighted the positive influence of T20 on Test cricket, enabling players to adopt a more aggressive approach at certain stages of the game.

While acknowledging that the transition between the two formats is quite different, Stokes emphasized that the experience gained from playing T20 cricket can influence players’ performance in Test matches. He believes that the influence of T20 cricket on Test cricket will ensure the continued relevance and success of both formats in the future.

As England prepares for a long summer of Test cricket, including a one-off Test against Ireland and a five-match Ashes series against Australia, Stokes expressed his confidence in the parallel progress of T20 and Test cricket. He remains optimistic about the ability of both formats to thrive side by side and contribute to the growth of the game.