Afridi lashed out at his former teammate over the bizarre advice.
Shahid Afridi slams Shoaib Akhtar over wrong advice to Shaheen Afridi.

On November 13, England beat Pakistan by five wickets to become the T20 world champions for the second time in the tournament’s history. The Men in Green gave the English batters a tough time chasing 138 runs.

Pakistan dominated the game until the 16th over but suffered a setback when their bowling spearhead Shaheen Afridi injured his knee again and could not bowl his final two overs, which shifted the match in England’s favour.

The good news for Pakistan is that they did the right thing by not forcing Afridi to bowl, and all he has to sit out now is just two weeks.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, former Pakistani seamer Shoaib Akhtar expressed his displeasure over team management’s response to Shaheen’s situation.

Akhtar stated that the left-arm seamer should have used painkillers to complete his spell.

“This is a world cup final. Even if you break your leg, do something. Whatever happens, keep running. He could have taken painkillers to numb the pain. Yes, it could have risked his career, but it is a World Cup final. Although, I do understand that it was a tough decision for the captain.”

When a TV presenter asked Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi to opine his views on Akhtar’s comments, he lashed out at his former teammate over the bizarre advice.

Afridi stated that he committed the same mistake in the past and would not advise anyone to do it.

“No, no, no. It is the wrong advice to give to anyone. Painkillers should be taken in a disciplined manner. I did it too and suffered its side effects. It does numb the pain, but when the effect gets over, it hurts even more.”

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