The International Cricket Council has introduced the stop clocks in the Men’s ODI and T20I cricket to regulate the amount of time taken between the overs.

The stop clocks will be used on a trial basis starting from December 2023 to April 2024.

“If the bowling team doesn’t bowl the next over within 1 minute of the previous over being completed, a 5-run penalty will be imposed if the offence is repeated third time,” the ICC release stated.

Changes were also approved to pitch and outfield regulations.

“The limit of demerit points has been increased from five to six over a period of five-year for the suspension of a venue from hosting international matches.

The apex body has equalised match day pay for ICC umpires from January 2024. It has been done to fast track the development of female officials.

From now onwards every ICC Women’s Championship series will have one neutral umpire.