Former cricketers Sunil Gavaskar and Virender Sehwag expressed their discontent with Hardik Pandya’s actions during the final between GT and CSK. Gavaskar and Sehwag criticized Pandya for distracting bowler Mohit Sharma in the crucial last over of the match.

In a rain-affected game, CSK required 13 runs in the final over to chase down the revised target. Mohit Sharma had been exceptional in the match, picking up crucial wickets and restricting CSK’s scoring. However, he faltered in the last two deliveries, allowing CSK to secure a five-wicket victory and their fifth IPL title.

Gavaskar highlighted a particular incident during the match where water was sent to Mohit before Pandya approached him for a discussion. Gavaskar argued that such interruptions were unnecessary and disrupted Mohit’s rhythm, who had been executing his plans brilliantly until then. .

Sehwag echoed Gavaskar’s sentiments, stating that Pandya’s actions had “disturbed” Mohit, leading to errors in his line and length during the final deliveries.

Both Gavaskar and Sehwag emphasized that when a bowler is performing well, it is crucial not to interfere unnecessarily. They believed that Pandya’s intervention was unwarranted and could have been avoided, especially when Mohit was in a rhythm and mentally focused on his bowling.