Heads is as important as tails! Similarly, in cricket, bowlers are as important as batsmen. However, for many, cricket nowadays has become a game dominated by the batsmen. For them, the game is being defined increasingly by hitting. It has taken over like a storm. Spin and pace lie scattered somewhere.

But, cricket is a game played by 22 but opined by millions. Having said that, does it make sense to conclude that cricket is becoming a one-sided contest with batsmen wielding bigger bats, against a backdrop that has the ICC allowing smaller boundaries, tinkering with the rules having five fielders inside the 30-yard-circle, amidst the blossoming of T20 cricket?

So, it all comes down to the point whether we are giving much respect to the bowlers? However, there are a few exceptions in modern-day cricket, who've kept the batsmen at bay, namely — Mohammad Shami, Jasprit Bumrah. Whether it's Test cricket or any of the shorter formats, the Indian pair posses special fast bowling talent.

While Shami has improved over the years and hardly provides any room to the batsmen, which makes him difficult to play, Bumrah, on the other hand, maintains a proper line, length and hardly has any room for error, which makes him one of the finest fast bowlers of the current generation

After making his senior debut in 2013, Shami has bagged 180 Test wickets, 144 ODI wickets, and 12 wickets in the shortest format. Bumrah, meanwhile, has picked up 68 wickets in the longest format, 104 in ODIs, and 59 in T20Is. For the past 3-4 years, Team India has relied on the services of Bumrah and Shami to the fore in the fast bowling department and they have delivered for the side.

Apart from sharing a good nexus, on and off the field, the pair share a great bit of competitiveness, whether it's international cricket or the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). During a fixture between MI and KXIP, Jasprit conceded just 5 runs in the Super Over, which Shami replicated to force a second Super Over, which eventually ended with a win for his team.

Though Shami has been a bit expensive this season, his wicket-taking ability is inferior to none. Bumrah, on the other hand, is the leading wicket-taker in IPL 2020, with 23 dismissals to his name. So in conclusion, Virat Kohli-led Team India is very lucky to have a duo like Shami and Bumrah, especially when the modern-day playing conditions aren't in their favor.

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