Recently, Australia’s ‘hand-holding’ team photo had gone viral on social media. The Australian team was posing for the customary team photograph and there Marcus Stoinis and Pat Cummins were holding hands. Not only these two but Adam Zampa also joined in with him holding onto Stonis’ finger.

Maxwell disclosed the reason behind them posing like that. “Yeah it is a pretty tight group, as you can see by the photos. I think Stoin (Marcus Stoinis) and Patty (Pat Cummins) were genuinely holding hands,” Maxwell explained.

“We’ve got ‘Keithy Miller’ involved now so that’s good for the weirdos in the team, which is nice. We’re trying to get the coach involved but I’m not sure we’re going to have much success there,” Maxwell added.

“It’s such a tight group. To have a group of guys that are just playing so much for each other out in the field is brilliant. They’re enjoying each other’s success. They are really feeling every moment together and I know it just means a lot to all of us tonight,” Maxwell said.

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