Former India skipper MS Dhoni was recently chosen 'T20 ka king' in an online survey conducted by Sports Flashes, country's first online sports radio channel.

Twelve lakh fans participated in the survey as per Sports Flashes.

A total of 128 cricketers were selected from across the globe from different teams who had to go through different stages.

The cricketers were picked based on their past performances and the current Indian Premier League values by a panel of experts.

The voting was conducted on social media handles of Sports Flashes.

It went on for 32 days and Dhoni and Yuvraj were up against each other in the first semi-final. Virat Kohli had to face Rohit Sharma in the second semi-final. While Dhoni defeated Yuvraj, Virat came on top against his deputy, Hitman.

MS Dhoni got past Virat Kohli in the finale and was declared as the winner of the 'T20 ka King' title.

On the survey, Raman Raheja, founder, Sports Flashes said, "This result shows that even after announcing his retirement from international cricket, fans still consider MS Dhoni as the king of cricket and value all that he has done for his country in the past; he is a true legend of the game."

"The survey was undertaken to understand the engagement level of cricket lovers with their icons. 40 lakh views were achieved in 32 days. This shows cricket cannot be displaced from its position as the favourite sport in India," he added.

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