Australian coach, Justin Langer has named the most destructive player in the world and it’s not Glenn Maxwell, Jos Buttler or David Miller, who hold the reputation of being the big hitters in white-ball cricket.

Langer named Australia’s limited-overs skipper, Aaron Finch as the most destructive player. Finch is going through a rough phase at the moment.

“We just got to keep giving him plenty of care and support. We know he’ll come good. There’s no more destructive player in the world – we talk about ‘Maxi’ (Glenn Maxwell), Marcus Stoinis, a number of our players who can be so destructive – but when he’s going, he is as destructive as a player as there is in white-ball cricket,” said Justin Langer.

“Another important part about leadership is that he’s really consistent. We haven’t see any real change in his personality or his attitude around the group, so that’s a real credit to him. That’s why he is the captain of the team. My experience of every captain, the most important thing is they’re playing really good cricket. He’s got to keep his attention on that. He’s got lots of support around him. Like I say, he’s such a good person, he’s got to be Aaron Finch, be himself. He’s doing that,” Langer added.

“He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We’ll just keep encouraging him to be himself. His runs will come, keep encouraging him to be himself and I’m sure he’ll come good soon,” Australian coach further added.

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