No wonder Marvel superheroes have captured our imaginations over time and for many they are an important part of their lives especially being enthralled by the realm of imaginations. From Hulk, Iron Man to the likes of Captain America and Thor, the Marvel superheroes have delighted the fans, who have grown up reading comics. With time movies too have come up and they have often been blockbusters, with fans around the globe flocking to cinema halls in large numbers.

Now imagine, we associate five Indian cricketers with a chosen set of Marvel characters and how they associate with the reel life heroes. From strengths, characteristics and prowess, here is a look at 5 Indian cricketers who could be cast as Marvel superheroes.

Virat Kohli – HULK

Like the Hulk, Indian skipper Virat Kohli possesses an incredible level of ability that very few in the cricket world can manage. His superior ability as a batsman and the hunger for runs in every single season is unmatched by many. The 29-year-old is an able scorer in all three formats of the game and his co-ordination from the time he sets at the crease is superhero like. Hulk's capacity for physical strength is well known and he covers hundreds of miles in a single bound. Kohli too is known for his physical strengths and energy in the field as a batsman and as a fielder. His prowess in running between the wickets is a rare treat. He is essentially quick and steals runs to glory.


The Indian opening batsman is not considered Hitman for a reason. His brilliance atop in the shorter formats is a level very high in international cricket. A player of his caliber has three record ODI double hundreds to show the mastery he enjoys with the white ball. Rohit has been one of the senior men leading by example in this Indian side. Like Captain America, he is the leader in batting, the team needs more than often. Captain America is known to be highly intelligent and his agility, strength and endurance is one of the forces amongst the Marvel superheroes. Captain America's rigorous work ethics has a lot of similarities if Rohit's put into context.


Spiderman is known for helping humans from bad situations and jailing them out regularly with his effective thinking and quick abilities to read the situation better. Dhoni is a lot like Spiderman. Time and time again the former India skipper has helped India win matches from desperate situations. His massive application in the middle-order and powerful striking abilities makes him tick for so long. Like Spiderman, he is agile and his running between the wickets has been a dream affair since more than a decade now. Spiderman is known for his acrobatic leaps and Dhoni too is very athletic behind the stumps.

R Ashwin – THOR

R Ashwin is a compelling cricketer and someone, who can always be counted upon. He doesn't get injured often and is very resistant as an athlete. Ashwin has been a celebrated bowler for India over the years and his impact till date is menacing for opponents in Tests. He might have lost the aura in limited-over cricket, but in the longest format he is a champion. He can be likened to Thor in many ways, which is highly skilled warrior and is proficient. Like Thor, Ashwin will never stop fight fighting for what he believes in and that is to keep performing.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – IRON MAN

The intelligent bowler is a handy cricketer atop and right at the death in limited-over cricket. The right-arm pacer is excellent in swinging conditions too. Like Iron Man, Bhuvi is highly intelligent and uses his strengths to good use. Iron Man has a genius level of intellect that allows him to invent a wide range of powers to save the world. Bhuvi too uses his intellect to bring forward a wide range of deliveries that is very effective in picking wickets.

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