We have often seen that the cricketers show distinguished temperaments while they are on the field. But there are players in the Indian team who act and complement the qualities of different cartoon characters.

Swat Kats – Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli

The batsmen of the Indian team Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli are nothing less than this pair of animated character. Swat Kats used to have a partnership amongst themselves. They were a team of “two” and had a friendly support for each other. Virat and Dhawan are also considered as the “best friends” of Indian team. They have also been batting together for quite a while and support each other really well.

Fred Flinstone – MS Dhoni

Fred Flinstone is a character that portrays a man with a leadership quality. And the best leader of the current Indian team is none other than MS Dhoni. Dhoni has the quality to lead from the front and he doesn’t give up easily.

The Mask – Harbhajan Singh

The Mask is the most hilarious cartoon characters of all time. He is the comedian of the cartoon film industry and to complement this characteristics, we have Harbhajan Singh who is also a kind of hilarious personality of the Indian team.

Courage the cowardly dog – Ajinkya Rahane

The personality of this character is to get scared every time but easily finds a way out of any problem. Rahane does the same work for the Indian team. He gives a facial look as of being under pressure but instead comes up with a dazzling performance whenever required and save the Men in Blue

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