The Koffee with Karan controversy made KL Rahul doubt himself as a person. Being a cricketer is never easy as it brings intense scrutiny over your life. Rahul experienced the worst side of being a public figure after he partnered Hardik Pandya in the Karan Johar hosted TV talk show, where Pandya made sexist comments on women. Although Rahul didn’t say anything wrong about girls, but he was also brutally targeted on social media.

Rahul opened up on how traumatic it was to deal with after effects of Koffee with Karan episode, the backlash of which, created ripples.

“The last two months have been very, very tough for me. When it happened, I had started to doubt myself as a person,” Rahul told India Today on Wednesday.

“I was hated nationally, and it was not easy. I always thought I was a good person and then I started to believe otherwise. I couldn’t come out of home for I was not ready. Only played play station and all. I have become calmer and more mature as a result. It has taught me a lot and maybe, I have emerged stronger also,” he said.

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