Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya has revealed the advice he got from the skipper Virat Kohli. He had called the batting maestro to know about the inputs of success. Pandya said that for Virat being successful was all about to be the best in his field, but not at the cost of others.

Pandya told Sports Tak, “He replied back that your attitude is fine but you will have to attain the level of consistency in your game. You should have the hunger to be the best in the right way. Pushing someone else is not the way to achieve your goal and one should solely depend on the hard work to become the no.1.”

The Baroda born also said that he somehow knows the reason behind the success of players like Virat, Mahi and Rohit.

“Now I understand how and why Virat, Dhoni and Rohit have become big players. They want to be the best but if they fall short, they don’t mind it either. They restart the process of hard work to reach the number one spot,” the all-rounder explained.

Pandya, who is working hard to attain top fitness level, signed off by saying that success comes to those who compete with themselves.

“In life, you need to be your competitor to achieve success.”

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