Mumbai Indians cricketers Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh and Jasprit Bumrah have revealed the importance of women’s in their lives. In a video posted by their IPL franchise, the trio gave a heartwarming message to every woman out there. Mumbai Indians shared a video featuring their skipper, new recruit Yuvraj Singh and pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah. In the video, cricketers are seen sharing their respective stories and how women are influencing their daily lives.

According to Hitman, Women’s Day should be celebrated as big as any famous festival. He further added that women have changed him completely. “Women’s Day has to be the most celebrated day in India. The women who have played a part in my life have changed me completely. So, I think, it is important that we celebrate Women’s Day as big as Diwali or any other festival that we celebrate,” said Rohit.

Bumrah feels women are ahead of men and the females in his life have always given him confidence. “I always feel women are way above men. They always give me strength, they always give me confidence. So, I am very happy to have them in my life. During any situation, they never feel weak. They are always there in tough times, in happier times,” said Bumrah.

Yuvraj Singh holds women in high regard and said that men are nothing without women. “They are very integral part of our life. I think without them we would be nothing. In my perspective, in my books, I really hold them in high regard. Definitely my mother, who has nurtured me over the years and kept me very safe, to my sisters as well,” said Yuvraj.

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