BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly has confirmed that the Indian team would be touring Australia to play the Test series in December. He said that since conditions in Australia are much better, he expects the quarantine period to be reduced a bit by then.

“The team shall be touring in December no doubt. The number of quarantine days is an issue. We hope it will get reduced by then. Sitting in hotel rooms can be a tiring and depressing task, especially if it is for two weeks,” Ganguly was quoted as saying by India Today.

The former captain further said that it is going to be a test of patience for the Indian team. He further advised captain Virat Kohli and his men to focus on scoring big runs if they want to taste success.

“This time it will be tough, tougher than it was two years ago for sure. It is going to be a tough series. It is not going to be what it was two years back. The Australian team is really strong,” said Ganguly.

“The batting is there, so is the bowling. It’s all about batting better in foreign conditions. Teams that do well on foreign soil, score big. Similar was the case with the team I played. We were able to score big runs and that’s why we were able to taste success. I have told Virat as well,” he added.

I expect Virat Kohli and his men to win: Ganguly

Revealing his chat with the Indian team captain, Dada said that he had asked Kohli to raise the game because it would be a deciding series for him as a captain.

“I said, ‘Being Virat Kohli, you have set high standards for yourself. When you walk out with your team in Australia and if I am watching here on TV, I expect you not only to play well but win the match’,” Ganguly explained.

“It’s going to be very tough and important for Virat Kohli’s captaincy, more important than the world cup as well,” he added.

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