The governing body of Indian cricket recently sacked Sanjay Manjrekar from the commentary panel. According to reports, some of the officials of the board were not happy with his work and the decision was taken after a brief consultation. During the first ODI between India and South Africa, Manjrekar was not present at the venue while Sunil Gavaskar and Murali Karthik were present.

When Sourav was asked about Sanjay Manjrekar, he refused to comment on the removal of the latter. Ganguly stated that it is not right to jump to any conclusion just because the commentator was not part of one series.

“Yes, he wasn’t a part of the panel for this series, but it doesn’t mean that during the next series, he won’t be there. I don’t know what exactly was the trigger,” an agency report said quoting the unnamed BCCI official.

Meanwhile, Sanjay took to twitter to put his point across.

“I have always considered commentary as a great privilege, but never an entitlement. It is up to my employers whether they choose to have me or not & I will always respect that. Maybe BCCI has not been happy with my performance of late. I accept that as a professional,” he wrote.

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