Bumrah and Boult believe that they are the best even when things are not going their way.

Mumbai Indians on Tuesday proved yet again why they are a champion side. In the match against Kolkata Knight Riders, when all seemed lost, they rose like a phoenix to choke KKR. While Rahul Chahar was undisputedly the star of the show, the victory could not have been achieved without great death bowling from the tried and tested pace bowling pair of Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult. In the wake of MI’s spectacular comeback triumph, we analyze five reasons why the Bumrah-Boult duo is the best in the business when it comes to fast bowlers in the IPL.


This is obviously the basic ingredient needed to succeed in anything you do. You may be extremely hardworking but unless you possess the talent and hone it, you cannot be a match-winner in any field. Both Bumrah and Boult are gifted in this department. While the Indian pacer can bowl deadly yorkers and slow balls with equally destructive impact, the Kiwi left-arm pacer has the knack of bowling the right deliveries at the right time. Against KKR, he dislodged Andre Russell and Pat Cummins with varied balls, knowing what can work against whom.


Asserting supremacy is something that champions always do. It is what separates the good from the great. Bumrah and Boult believe that they are the best even when things are not going their way. This was again on display in the contest against KKR. While Bumrah was decent in his opening spell, he did not look menacing. Boult, on the other hand, was completely ineffective in his first three overs. Yet, when the time to raise their gave arrived, both pacers brought out their best in them.


Apart from being talented and demonstrating dominance, success also demands a sensible approach. It is not all about the brouhaha. This theory perfectly applies to the Bumrah-Boult pair. Both are very well aware of what can work for them and what might not. They are thinking bowlers who are always looking at ways to outsmart the batsmen. On some days, they do come second best, just to prove that they are human. On most occasions though, their thought process is the best of the rest.


When it comes to crunch situations, the feeling of having “been there and done that” matters a lot. A person’s experience may not always have been a positive one. But those with a positive mindset learn from their setbacks and improve going further. At a virtual press conference following MI’s win over KKR on Tuesday, Rahul Chahar was asked if they actually believed they could win despite being so far behind in the game. The young leg-spinner’s response was the franchise is confident that Bumrah and Boult can win them matches from any given situation. This surety stems from the fact that the duo has pulled off victories from near-impossible positions for the franchise. As such, Tuesday was just another day in the office for the two Bs.


Along with talent, temperament is another T that separates the greats from the mortals. You may have all the experience and the ability in the world, but being able to bring it all out under pressure is what matters. Here again, Bumrah and Boult get full marks. The rare quality of remaining calm under pressure applies to both. In fact, the duo seems to feed off each other’s temperament. In the game against KKR, after Bumrah bowled that superb penultimate over, his confidence automatically seemed to rub onto Boult. And the latter himself delivered a killer last over. Talk about hunting in pairs!

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