Just like his explosive batting on the field, Rahul’s fashion sense is impressive as well.

Cricket and fashion go hand-in-hand. With a fan following in millions all around the world, cricketers are often regarded as trendsetters when it comes to wearing stylish outfits.

Similarly, the way KL Rahul carries his attitude with elegance off the field, he doesn’t look any less than a professional model. 

Usually, it would take some expensive designer outfit or a quirky hairstyle for someone to look charming and handsome. But it is not in the case of the 28-year-old flamboyant batsman.

Rahul’s Instagram profile is full of images that will make you wonder how he manages to look so perfect with casual jeans and T-shirts.

Just like his explosive batting on the field, Rahul’s fashion sense is impressive as well. Be it a comfy casual look, or formal wear, the Mangalore-born star surely knows how to play it cool in every way.

Here are some of the stylish outfits from KL Rahul’s wardrobe which everyone will love to steal.

1. Simple graphic T-shirt

Nothing can go wrong with a simple white T-shirt with a nice graphic print on it. It’s what men wear when they’re not in a mood to pick up a style for the day. Wondering how would you look in a pair of simple tees? Well, don’t worry, you will rock this casual attire. Look at KL Rahul if you’re not convinced enough.

2. Over-sized sweatshirts

Who else can give a simple graphic T-shirt a whole new dimension? There is no doubt in saying that if there’s one cricketer whose unconventional fashion choices display both style and grace, it has to be KL.  

3. Bomber jacket with simple jeans

If you are looking for an outfit which is super cool and high-style, nothing can be better than a bomber jacket with simple jeans. KL Rahul’s round-neck jacket with white shoes and fashionable sunglasses will definitely put you under the style radar of people.     

4. Grey & white striped robe

How often have you come across an outfit that has confused you as well as fascinated you? This grey and white striped tie-up the piece is the perfect example of it. The star cricketer paired this stylish suit with leather sandals but you can also try it out with classic black loafers.  

5. Hoodie with jogger pants

Who said you have to button up to go classy anymore? You can always pair your joggers with a hoodie and it will look fashionable. These kind of outfits are quite simple and casual that can be worn during a casual outing with your friends. 

6. Chrome suit and a white turtleneck

Be it a party or an after-party, this outfit will complement your looks on every occasion without really messing up with your attitude. KL Rahul’s choice of colour makes this stylish chrome suit even better.  

7. Round-neck T-shirt with shorts

Rahul loves wearing cool and comfortable clothes. He took the fashion industry by storm when he paired his light grey shorts with a white round-neck T-shirt. If you’re the kind of man who doesn’t like to spend hours trying to look stylish, you must try this authentic streetwear style.  

8. Three-piece suit

Want a sophisticated outfit for a wedding/reception that is sure to turn heads? This one can be your go-to combo. A light-shade three-piece suit paired with a blue shirt and floral print tie will always give you an extra edge over everyone else.  

9. Zippered jeans with bomber jacket

In this look, KL Rahul’s super vibrant bomber jacket is one of the statement pieces that one should absolutely own. The star player styled this multi-colour piece with blue zippered jeans to carry out a sassy and western look.  

10. T-shirt and joggers

A subtle hued T-shirt with a light grey jogger pants can never be out of fashion. Rahul styled this at leisure outfit with a pair of extra-wide sandals to round off the look. Interestingly, this high-style look made Rahul’s purse lighter by Rs 1,03,050.

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