Those days are gone when cricketers used to have a simple haircut and not so attractive physique.

Those days are gone when cricketers used to have a simple haircut and not so attractive physique. With a completely new era of the sport, players have driven themselves towards fitness as it is a crucial element that determines their performance on the field. Ever wondered what sort of special diet or food your favourite players eat to stay fit and active while having a lean and muscular body?

Let’s check out the diet of some of the world-class cricketers which you would be love to add in your daily routine:

Virat Kohli

When it comes to fitness, there is hardly any player in modern-day cricket who can match the level of Indian skipper Virat Kohli. He is regarded as one of the fittest athletes across the world. Even when all the cricketing activities had come to standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kohli didn’t give up his fitness regime and went on to continue his intense workout sessions at home.

The 32-year-old star batsman follows a strict diet plan to be in perfect shape. Lamb chops, pink salmon, and Evian water are what he thrives on.

But even the most successful players have a weakness and in Virat’s case, his guilty pleasure is chocolate brownies.

Rohit Sharma

Having dozens of eggs and a bowl full of oats and milk, that’s how the swashbuckling Indian opener starts his day in the morning. Just like his game, Rohit takes his health and fitness regime very seriously. The 33-year-old Mumbaikar has transformed himself from an unhealthy and fatty batsman to a fit and stylish guy. But ever thought what the secret behind this unbelievable transformation is?

You’ll be surprised if you know that Rohit used to be a strict vegetarian and now he just can’t imagine his breakfast without eggs. His lunch usually consists of home-cooked chapatis and brown rice while in dinner Hitman loves to have grilled chicken or salad.

Rohit Sharma’s guilty pleasure is Aloo paratha.

Faf du Plessis

The former South Africa skipper is the fittest among his peers. We will not be wrong if we say Du Plessis has taken his fitness standards to a whole new level in world cricket in the past few years. Be it playing for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League or representing his country in the international arena, the 36-years-old classy player never shies away from flaunting his chiselled body, especially his arm cuts.

When it comes to his diet, Du Plessis doesn’t compromise on his fiber intake as he religiously eats oats with milk and honey on a daily basis while consuming omega-3 rich fish and chicken for lunch and dinner.

As far as a guilty pleasure is concerned, the Proteas stalwart loves to eat pizza and chocolates.

Ravindra Jadeja

Though the Indian all-rounder is too fond of Gujarati cuisines, he tries to avoid the fats, carbs, and high-calorie meals in his regular diet chart. Surprisingly, Jadeja enjoys a heavy and tummy-filling breakfast and so skips his lunch at times.

Is it that easy to maintain your diet and fitness while playing for your country at an international level? Well, after a lot of efforts and hours of intense work-out sessions, players have attained fit bodies. Knowing this fact, Jadeja makes sure to eat a nutritious and balanced diet in his dinner. The 32-year-old also has milk and fruits in between the meals.

Chris Gayle

There is no doubt in saying that Chris Gayle is a menace for the bowlers in world cricket and can single-handedly demolish the opposition’s morale with his powerful strokeplay. But if you take a look at his earlier diet plan you might not believe your eyes.

The West Indian stalwart didn’t pay too much attention to his meal initially and used to grab whatever he liked. But now Gayle has got a bit more conscious about his fitness.

Gayle believes breakfast should be eaten like a king hence he eats all seasonal fruits and vegetables in his meal. For carbohydrates, the star batsman likes to have pasta twice a day. His guilty pleasure is Caribbean cuisine.

Steve Smith

Every successful player follows a different style of training and diet and similarly, Steve Smith has his own unique way to maintain his fitness. A disciplined work-out routine and a healthy diet chart have played a pivotal role in making Smith one of the finest batsmen in international cricket.

For breakfast, the Australian batsman eats oatmeal, eggs and fresh fruits while his lunch includes a sandwich loaded with proteins.

The 31-year-old loves to have steak, chicken breast or fish along with boiled potatoes or rice in his dinner.

Though it is widely believed that tea and coffee don’t favour a healthy lifestyle, Smith just can’t say ‘no’ to these things.

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