Morne Morkel has spoken in favor of retired Duanne Olivier. The young pace sensation shocked the world when he decided to bid adieu to international cricket in order to sign a Kolpak deal with Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Morkel said that the timing of the decision was not right but Olivier took a family decision and everyone should respect his call.

“It’s just unfortunate because Duanne had really settled in and is finding his feet … he knows what Test cricket is about. In terms of timing, it’s not great. (But) I think that decision was made long before a couple of months ago. He weighed his options up and it was a family decision and you have to respect that,” quoted Morkel, as saying.

“It’s never nice to lose quality players, you always want to see them play for South Africa. But I understand it completely and I wish him all the best,” he added.

Morkel wants Cricket South Africa to come up with a better plan to give career security to players.

“They have to sit down and come up with plans because they’re going to lose a lot of players in the near future and they need to protect against that. Do you structure the contracting a little bit better? What security do you give the guys (in terms of) life after cricket? You talk about investing, but once a guy retires, they sort of drift away. I can name a number of players who they have invested a lot of money in, but you don’t see them coaching, you don’t see them involved with our academies,” he said.

“Give those guys a platform and say; ‘we’ve invested in you for so many years when you’re thinking of settling down or moving on, this is where we see a role for you,” he added.

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