Snake appears in LPL again, leaving player Isuru Udana scared.

In a recent LPL match at Colombo’s R Premadasa Stadium, an unexpected visitor made an appearance on the field. As the B Love Kandy faced off against the Jaffna Strikers, a snake was spotted near the boundary line.

The incident left Isuru Udana, who was in the fielding position, taken aback. While adjusting his position, Udana suddenly leaped in surprise upon seeing the snake slithering across the ground.

The Lanka Premier League has been a hub of intense competition, showcasing both local talents and international stars like Babar Azam. However, amidst the sporting fervor, the league has also witnessed some rather peculiar moments.

A similar incident involving a snake had occurred in a previous game, captured by the camera’s lens. And now there has been another snake intrusion during an LPL match.

Isuru Udana, engaged in his fielding duties, had an unexpected encounter as he maneuvered backward. The sight of the snake slithering along the ground prompted an instinctive jump from Udana. The snake continued its journey close to the boundary line, even managing to startle one of the on-field cameramen.

A similar scenario had unfolded just a week prior during a match between Galle Titans and Dambulla Aura in Colomba. The play was temporarily halted when a snake was spotted on the field. The incident drew humorous comments from former cricketers Dinesh Karthik and Scott Styris. Dinesh Karthik playfully tweeted, taking a light-hearted jab at the Bangladesh Cricket Team, “The nagin is back. I thought it was in Bangladesh.”