Pakistan’s Haider Ali, playing for Derbyshire, faced widespread mockery after a comical dismissal in a T20 Blast match against Birmingham. During the 11th over of Hampshire’s chase, Haider failed to connect with Danny Briggs’ delivery.

Although Warwickshire’s wicketkeeper, Alex Davies, initially missed the ball, Haider’s casual attempt to return to the crease gave Davies another chance to stump him. Davies promptly removed the bails, leaving Haider stunned. Fans took to social media to mercilessly troll the Pakistani batsman.

Haider Ali’s dismissal in the T20 Blast fixture against Birmingham provided ample entertainment for cricket enthusiasts. Despite the initial miss by Warwickshire’s wicketkeeper, Haider’s lackadaisical effort allowed Davies to complete the stumping. The swift removal of the bails left Haider in disbelief and vulnerable to online ridicule.

The incident exposed Haider Ali’s momentary lapse in judgment, resulting in an embarrassing dismissal that sparked laughter among fans. Online platforms quickly filled with mocking comments aimed at the Pakistani cricketer, emphasizing the comical nature of the dismissal.

As the incident continues to be shared and discussed, Haider finds himself at the center of unwanted attention and widespread trolling.