In a viral video, Jonty Rhodes can be seen performing a somersault with ease

Jonty Rhodes, at the age of 54, once again showcased his status as one of the world’s fittest cricketers as he effortlessly executed a somersault on a trampoline. Despite being in his 50s, Rhodes embraced his inner child, outshining his own kids during a day of trampoline fun. While somersaulting might be a daunting task for many in their 30s and 40s, Rhodes made it look easy.

Rhodes playfully responded to his kids’ inquiry about any “special” trampoline skills, stating, “Sure, I used to do a backward somersault, 40 years ago.” His children were enthralled by their dad’s acrobatic prowess, and the viral video garnered widespread appreciation from netizens.

Watch here:

The online community praised Rhodes, with one user expressing amazement at his ability to pull off such stunts after school days. Another user humorously mentioned, “This is nothing; Jonty Singh Sidhu could do a somersault and land on the neighbor’s trampoline.” The general consensus was that Rhodes’s somersault was as smooth as butter.

Jonty Rhodes is renowned for being one of the finest fielders in cricket history. His impact on fielding during the 90s and early 2000s revolutionized the game. Even before Virat Kohli popularized the fitness revolution, Rhodes was already synonymous with cricketing fitness.

Following his retirement, the 54-year-old transitioned into coaching, serving as the fielding coach for the Mumbai Indians for a decade. Currently, he holds the position of batting coach with the Punjab Kings team.