Rashid Khan, the Gujarat Titans star, recently weighed in on the debate over who has the better cover drive between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam. With 25 wickets in the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) so far, Rashid’s team is set to face Mumbai Indians in the second qualifier.

Kohli and Babar are considered two of the best all-format batters in world cricket, with Kohli’s dominance spanning over 15 years and Babar’s rise to stardom in the past few years.

The cover drive is a shot that both Kohli and Babar execute with finesse, drawing admiration from fans globally. However, the question of who performs it better has sparked much debate.

During a recent interview, Rashid Khan made a resounding declaration, asserting that Virat Kohli outshines all others when it comes to playing the cover drive. Rashid expressed his admiration, stating that Kohli’s execution of the shot is visually and audibly pleasing.

While acknowledging the intense competition between Babar Azam and Kohli, as well as the exceptional skills of Kane Williamson, Rashid’s verdict solidifies Kohli’s superior mastery of the cover drive, establishing him as the unrivaled champion in this aspect of the game.