Virat Kohli
Fans slammed selectors for dropping Virat Kohli against Australia

India’s cricket superstar, Virat Kohli, has expressed his determination to create fresh memories for Indian fans during the World Cup. As India prepare to host the prestigious tournament, Kohli highlighted his team’s commitment to making the event unforgettable.

During a promotional campaign for Star Sports, Kohli emphasized that the Indian team is eager to forge new memories for fans this year. India’s first match in the 2023 World Cup is scheduled against Australia on October 8.

“Our team’s passion for winning the World Cup is fueled by the support of our fans. We want to give our fans new memories of lifting the World Cup because the ones from the past, particularly the legendary victory in 2011, are forever carved in our hearts, ” Kohli said.

Furthermore, Virat Kohli reiterated the team’s readiness to go the extra mile to fulfill the dreams of Indian fans. He also expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the campaign.

“I am honoured to be a part of this amazing campaign, which perfectly captures the feelings of our fans. We’re ready to give it everything to realize their dreams,” he concluded.

All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja emphasized the immense motivation that comes from millions of fans cheering for their success.

“As a player, there is nothing more inspiring than realizing that you have millions of supporters rooting for your success. The intense desire and devotion of our supporters to see Team India win is reflected in our campaign. We’re going on this adventure with the entire country, and we’re motivated to make our supporters happy on the pitch”, Jadeja said.