He dismissed Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, and Rohit Sharma.

The Australian media outlet NewsCorp reported that Rajasthan Royals owners are interested in investing in the Big Bash League if the league gets privatized.

The BBL, incepted in 2011, is the 2nd most successful league in the world after the IPL. However, both the leagues have a vast difference in their revenues. The IPL winning team receives 20 crores compared to 2.45 crores in BBL.

One of the reasons why BBL lags behind IPL and ails financially is because it is a public entity. The BBL is under complete ownership of the Cricket Australia (CA)

Hence, privatizing the league could ensure financial help worth $500,000 to $700,000. This would help the league sign more international stars and increase viewership.

Another reason Cricket Australia (CA) must think in the direction of privatizing the league is that Cricket South Africa is coming up with their privatized T20 League starting in January.

One of the IPL franchises who openly spoke about their interest in BBL getting privatized is Rajasthan Royals. The Royals have already secured their stake in the T20 league in South Africa, the Caribbean, and the UAE.

“I hope they can take a leaf out of what’s happened with the IPL because Australia is such a massive cricketing superpower, and there is no reason why the Big Bash should not be up there (as a top league).” Ravneet Gill, RR’s advisory board member, told News Corp.

He added, “It just needs a bit of rejuvenation. I think the BBL needs a shot in the arm and my sense is privatization could be the catalyst. If it takes that path, I think there would be a lot of interest from Indian investors.”

Unlike IPL, where international players even skip national duties to be a part of the league, The BBL witnesses their marquee players busy with the national team.

Former Australia seamer Brett Lee also spoke about the league getting privatized to reach the next level. He also proposed the idea of co-ownership.

“You could have co-ownership, and Cricket Australia could retain 51% and still control things, but with that extra funding, I think you could get some high-profile stars to come out. I am talking about the Virat Kohli. Imagine Kohli playing for the Sixers and the crowds you would get. I am impressed with the Big Bash. They have done a great job. But to reach the next level, you would have to do that,” said Lee.

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