Umran Malik’s underutilization in the 2023 IPL season has caught the attention of cricket pundits, including Virender Sehwag and Rohan Gavaskar. Despite his exceptional performance last season, where he took 22 wickets, Umran has seen a significant reduction in his role this year. In Sunrisers Hyderabad’s 13 matches, he has only made seven appearances and bowled a mere 17 overs, indicating a lack of trust from the team management. This unexpected turn of events has left experts wondering about the reasons behind Umran’s limited opportunities.

During a recent interview, SRH captain Aiden Markram provided a vague explanation when asked about Umran’s absence from the playing XI. Markram mentioned “behind the scenes” factors as the cause without offering any specific details. This statement has perplexed fans and pundits, leading to various interpretations. Sehwag speculated that Umran may have had a disagreement or argument with the management, resulting in his sidelining. Gavaskar, on the other hand, suggested that Markram might have been following instructions from the team management not to select Umran without a clear rationale.

While the exact circumstances remain unclear, it is evident that Umran’s reduced involvement has sparked debate within the cricketing community. Critics argue that given his talent and previous success, Umran deserved more opportunities to showcase his abilities. Whether there are deeper reasons behind his limited role or it simply boils down to team strategy, one thing is certain: Umran’s performance in the limited chances he has received has fallen short of expectations.