Virender Sehwag criticized Shubman Gill for not converting his century into a big score

Indian cricket legend Virender Sehwag has voiced his disappointment over Shubman Gill’s recent century against Australia, despite the opener’s impressive form. Sehwag, known for his aggressive style on the field, offered his insights on Gill’s performance in a recent conversation with Cricbuzz.

Shubman Gill had fallen 26 runs short of a century in the opening match of the ODI series against Australia. However, he made a remarkable comeback in the next match, securing his 6th ODI century in Indore, and breaking several records in the process.

Sehwag, though appreciating Gill’s achievements, expressed his desire to see a bigger score from the talented young batsman. In his critique, Sehwag emphasized that scoring big runs is easier for young players in peak form, as they recover quickly and remain agile in the field. He pointed out that as a player ages, this becomes increasingly challenging.

“He missed out the first time but made sure to get his hundred today. However, given his current form, I believe he should have scored 160 or 180. He has recently turned 25. Gill wouldn’t have become tired and could have fielded as well if he had scored 200 today. He wouldn’t have recovered if he was 30, so it would have been challenging for him. Therefore, scoring big runs now is preferable, he said.

Sehwag also noted that when Gill was dismissed, there were still many overs left in the innings. He could have potentially reached a double-century if he had stayed at the crease a little longer. Sehwag subtly referred to his own memorable feat in 2011 when he scored 219 at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. He also highlighted Rohit Sharma’s record of three double centuries.

“Don’t throw away your wicket while you are on a roll and making runs. There were still 18 overs available when he was out. He could have reached his second double-hundred if he had continued to play for 9–10 more overs. There are three double-hundreds that Rohit Sharma scored. Gill had the chance today. Because this track is of such type, a player by the name of Sehwag has also scored a 200 at this track,” he claimed.