Shikhar Dhawan and Aesha Mukherjee parted ways last year. However, the two have not spoken on the topic. The left-handed batter recently opened up on his separation from Aesha. The cricketer also spoke on the topic of remarriage.

In his interview with Sports Tak, he blamed himself and refused to point fingers at Aesha. 

“I am responsible for my failed marriage as it was my decision to get in a bond with her. The things I talk about cricket now, I wouldn’t be aware of the same 20 years back. It comes with experience.”

Dhawan said that their divorce case hasn’t been finalized yet. He didn’t rule out remarriage.

“My divorce case is going on. When I get remarried, I would be more wiser in this field. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I used to enjoy my life a lot. So when I fell in love, I didn’t see the red flags. I will now see those red flags if I fell in love again,” he said. 

The cricketer also advised youngsters to experience relationships before taking the next step.

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