Delhi Capitals’ head coach Ricky Ponting has expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance in the Indian Premier League 2023. The team is currently 9th in the points table with just 5 wins in 13 matches. Ponting blamed the pitches in Delhi as one of the reasons for their poor form.

According to Ponting, the season has not gone as planned. The team has high standards for their batting, which the batters failed to meet. However, he praised the team’s solid bowling, but acknowledged that they too costly mistakes in crucial moments.

Additionally, Ponting revealed that the absence of key players due to family commitments made it difficult to determine the best combination for the team. This challenge led to a lot of juggling, which affected their consistency.

Furthermore, Ponting explained the different surfaces at their home venue caught them off guard. The team expected the surfaces to be more predictable, but they turned out to be inconsistent and difficult to play on. These factors contributed to the team’s poor form and position in the points table.