Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh was brutally trolled for laughing at Shahid Afridi’s ‘No one in the Indian team likes Gautam Gambhir’ comment during a live TV segment.

Gambhir, in the past, has had several altercations with former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi. Thus, during the build-up of the Indo-Pak tie, Afridi passed on those remarks.

However, the fans expected Harbhajan to defend his friend and former teammate but seeing him laugh infuriated them and questioned the Turbunator’s loyalty to India.

After days of trolling, the 42-year-old has replied to the trolls. The right-arm spinner revealed that he laughed because curd had fallen on his feet.

Speaking with Sports Tak, he said, “Fans behaved like animals after the live segment. They assumed and didn’t even care to know the context. Curd had fallen on my feet, which is why I laughed.”

He further clarified his bond with Gambhir and added, “Gambhir and I are brothers. The bond we share is special. I don’t need to give any clarification over that to anyone.”

Harbhajan said he felt hurt when people questioned his loyalty towards the country even after winning the World Cup and picking over 711 wickets.

“Never test me if I am Indian or not. I am a proud Indian, and my heart beats just for India. It hurts when your loyalty to the country gets questioned. Gambhir, Dhoni, Yuvi and everyone else is like my family, and I go after those who target them.”

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