Mohammad Amir for Pakistan
Mohammad Amir likely to play in IPL in 2024

Former Pakistan seamer Mohammad Amir, who retired from the game in 2020, has hogged the headlines again. The 31-year-old, who was touted to come out of retirement after Ramiz Raja stepped down, has now revealed that he would become a UK citizen in 2024.

Amir has been living in the UK since 2020 with his lawyer wife Narjis Khan. In 2024, Amir would get his passport which makes him eligible to play for England.

When the reporters asked Amir about the possibility of playing for England, the left-arm seamer was quick to reject the idea and instead made a shocking ‘IPL’ claim.

Amir revealed that he would never play for England, and as far as playing in IPL is concerned, he stated that he would take that decision once his passport comes in 2024.

“Firstly, I will not play for England because I have played for Pakistan. And for IPL, I have a year to get my passport. I go step by step and do not know what will happen in a year.”

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Interestingly, IPL has banned players from Pakistan, but with UK citizenship, we can see Mohammad Amir play in the cash-studded league, similar to how Azar Mahmood did in 2013.

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