India workload management
The team is battling fitness issues, and the squads have been changed now and then.

Former Pakistan captain Misbah ul Haq said England should be afraid of Suryakumar Yadav in the semi-final at the Adelaide Oval. He feels England should keep him away from his strengths to stop the flow of runs.

Suryakumar has been the most aggressive batter in the ICC T20 World Cup and has hit three fifties. The India star has scored 225 runs and is currently the third-highest run-getter in the tournament.

“I think he is using the pace well. Don’t give him width early on. That is one area where he can be caught behind,” said Misbah.

Misbah said that fielding positions would also be very important.

“The fielding plans against SKY have to be spot on. The fielders in the fine leg and square leg are very important. You have to keep Surya away from his strengths,” Misbah added.

“Bring the mid-on player closer and make the mid-off fielder move further. He doesn’t play over mid-on. He plays over extra cover, mid-off, square, or fine leg. Force him to play shots over mid-on, and then you will have a chance to take his wicket.”

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