In 2016 Mohammad Amir returned to the international scene after serving a five-year ban. His return got a lot of coverage by the international media for Pakistan’s outing against India in the 2016 T20 World Cup.

Meanwhile, a month before the World Cup, Amir faced Indian batters at the Asia Cup, where he dismissed Rohit Sharma for a duck. Rohit Sharma, before the World Cup, deflated the hype around Amir and called him a ‘normal bowler’.

“Stop talking about him already. He isn’t the only bowler as Pakistan have five other bowlers who are doing well for them. There is just so much hype around him, I don’t think it is right to give him too much hype after one match. He is good but he needs to prove it over and over again. Now people are comparing him to Wasim Akram and all that. He is just a normal bowler. It is not as if he turns up and blows everyone away.”

Amir’s didn’t like the comments made by Rohit.

The pacer had the last laugh as he got rid of Rohit in the World Cup and the Champions Trophy.

Amir, who has retired from international cricket, recalled the present Indian captain’s comment and said he doesn’t take Rohit Sharma seriously.

Amir called the Indian player a world-class batter but also took a dig at him.

“I don’t take Rohit Sharma’s statement seriously. Everyone has their own opinion and it is impossible that everyone regards me as a world-class bowler. There is nothing to feel bad about it and as a professional, we should not get negative . You cannot be everyone’s favourite. No doubt he is a world-class batsman. I bowled well every time I faced Rohit and he struggled against me.”

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