Shahid Afridi and India flag
Indian fans slammed Afridi for disrespecting Indian flag

Asia Lions and World Giants will lock horns at the final of the third season of Legends League Cricket on March 20.  Ahead of the final, Shahid Afridi, skipper of the Asia Lions, hogged the limelight, after a video came out where the former Pakistan captain was seen giving an autograph on India’s national flag.

Notably, The Lions handed India Maharajas an 85-run defeat in the eliminator game, played on March 18. After the game, a fan approached the former Pakistani all-rounder, where Afridi greeted the visitor and gave his autograph on the Indian flag, which sparked a debate on the internet.

The Pakistani media and fans were the first to spread the video and hailed Afridi for his graceful gesture, but notably, the Indian fans were fuming as they found it to be a disrespect to the Indian flag. Here is the video of the incident.

Fumed by this incident, fans slammed Afridi and called for action against the former Pakistani skipper. The viewers stated that disrespecting the flag in any form is a crime and would not be tolerated. Here are a few reactions from the fans.

Afridi is yet to issue a clarification on the matter, and the fans are even demanding an apology from the Pakistani legend.

रोहित की रणनीति से दूसरे मैच में हुआ बड़ा उलटफेर  – VIDEO

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