After the match, Virat Kohli, who won the Player of the Match award for his 64 runs, gifted a bat to the opener.

Indian cricketers are foodies and like to enjoy different cuisines. Former India captain Virat Kohli recently revealed one of the most weird foot habits of Wriddhiman Saha.

“I have seen Saha trying a unique combination while eating. He had butter chicken, roti, salad and there was a rasgulla kept as well,” Kohli said on the ‘One 8 Commune’ YouTube channel.

“I saw he took two-three bites of roti and salad and gulped the entire rasgulla. I asked him ‘Wriddhi what are you doing?”

“He said this is how he eats. There were times when he ate ice-cream with dal chawal. Two bites of rice and then ice-cream.”

Virat also shared his best and worst food experiences. “I went to Paris and had my worst food experience. For a vegetarian, it was a nightmare as there are limited choices and we faced language barrier as well,” he said.

“The best meal was in Bhutan. They grow organic vegetables below their huts. We ate with them at their houses and loved the experience.”

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