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Gujarat Titans would be declared the winners if reserve day gets washed out

The day of the IPL final turned out to be a disappointment for cricket fans across the globe as rain played a spoilsport. After continuous heavy downpours and hailstorms for over four hours, the authorities decided to push the final to the reserve day on Monday, May 29.

Much to the fans’ disappointment, the forecast in Ahmedabad for the next few days is not optimistic, so the one question which has popped up in every fans’ mind is what will happen if the reserve day also gets washed out? Here is the flow of events if such a scenario occurs.

Firstly, if the rains stop before 9:35 pm, there will be a full game, but overs would be reduced after that. The cut-off time for a five-over match is 12:06 pm. Further, if the weather improves, the last attempt would be a super over, which must start at the latest by 1:20 am.

If none of it happens and it gets washed out, the team which finished higher on the group stage will be declared the winner. Meaning, if the reserve day gets washed out, then Gujarat Titans would be crowned the winners for the second straight time.

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