Pakistan landslide
8 Children die playing cricket in Pakistan

An unfortunate event occurred in the Shangla district in Northern Pakistan, where eight children lost their lives while playing cricket.

The Shangla district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is a mountainous region where 15 kids set up a cricket pitch close to a sand rock, which collapsed due to a landslide. The region experienced heavy rainfalls in the last few days, but the kids overlooked the danger and went to play when the mishap took place.

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Notably, the kids got trapped in the rubble and were buried alive. The locals rushed to the scene to start the rescue and were later joined by the rescue team and the army. The Pakistani army has so far recovered eight bodies, and the rescue operation is still on.

The children were aged 12-15, and over the two weeks, Pakistan saw around 50 people die due to the effect of the monsoon. The tragic news has left the Shangla district in shock, and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) assured the residents of a new disaster management strategy.

The PCB had earlier expressed their aim to develop cricket across regions in Pakistan, but KP’s geographical location has made it difficult, as the citizens are warned of more such incidents in future.