Virat Kohli Sourav Ganguly
He feels Virat has done well in England over the years and scored centuries in front of James Anderson.

India and Australia are set to face off in the World Test Championship (WTC) final at The Oval in London on June 7. Former Australia captain, Aaron Finch, believes that the key to victory for both teams will be to dismiss Steve Smith and Virat Kohli early in the match.

Finch expressed his hope that Australia can get Kohli out quickly, emphasizing the importance of removing him from the crease. He also praised Smith’s impressive track record and expressed his anticipation for a highly competitive match.

With both Kohli and Smith expected to bat at number four, the crucial strategy will be to target them early on and expose them to the new ball. Finch shared his preference for Smith, recognizing his outstanding performance. However, he acknowledged that it will be a tough battle between the two players.

In an interview with Star Sports, Finch emphasized the significance of getting early wickets to challenge Smith and Kohli. He highlighted their importance as key players and the need to disrupt their batting rhythm.

The upcoming WTC final promises to be an intense showdown between two top Test cricket teams, with the battle between Smith and Kohli playing a pivotal role that may well determine the outcome of the highly anticipated clash.