Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh believes the culture has changed in the dressing room. The two-time World Cup winner said that it wasn’t the case before.

During an event to launch South Africa’s new franchise league, SA20, Yuvraj was present alongside his former teammate Anil Kumble.

When asked about how the culture had changed now as compared to when he came to the Indian team, Yuvraj said:

“After 20 years, I still have to be careful what I speak in front of Anil Kumble. Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid, and Tendulkar were in the dressing room. You have grown up watching these guys on television. You had to ask the coach whether to sit next to them,” he said.

“The coach used to say that they are your teammates, so you have to sit with them. It took a while to start a conversation with them. But the IPL has made the youngsters more comfortable with the senior players these days.”

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