AB De Villiers and mankading
De Villier gave a mouth shutting reply to HD Ackermann

On Thursday, August 24, Afghanistan and Fazalhaq Farooqi, in particular, made it to the news after the latter ran Shadab Khan out at the non-striker’s end during a tense situation in the match which saw a huge uproar from the fans despite Pakistan emerging as the winners.

Notably, Afghanistan were in the game till the 48th over, as Pakistan required 27 to win off 12 balls with two wickets in hand. However, a good 49th over turned things around, and the Men in Green required 11 off the final over. Fazalhaq Farooqi saw Shadab Khan getting out of the crease and mankaded him on the first ball that brought Afghanistan back in the game.

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Despite the act being legal within the cricket rules, Farooqi faced criticism. Meanwhile, HD Ackermann, who was on-air during the incident, shared an interesting stance and remarked, “I don’t necessarily object to the Mankad method, but I do wonder why teams only seem to employ it towards the end of the innings. Why not do it earlier, say in the 5th or 6th over? It seems like they only resort to it out of desperation when they believe it’s the only way to secure victory.”

In the latest events, AB de Villiers gave a mouth-shutting reply to Ackermann and stated, “Cause batters only try to steal runs towards the back end of an innings.”

Even Pakistan skipper Babar Azam was unhappy with Fazalhaq’s action after the game and pointed out the same to Mohammad Nabi.