R Ashwin had to face flak for mankading Jos Buttler during one of the IPL matches. However, the skipper of Kings XI Punjab was unfazed by the criticism coming his way after his controversial decision to run-out Buttler. The incident has inspired Kolkata Police, who have used Ashwin’s picture on Twitter to create awareness among residents of the city. “Crease or road, you will regret, if you cross the line”.

Many former cricketers including Shane Warne had questioned Ashwin’s move, saying it was against the spirit of the game. This was not the first time Kolkata Police used an incident from cricket world to promote their campaign. When Cheteshwar Pujara scored a sublime hundred in Australia in December 2018, Kolkata Police combined his picture with a picture of a person wearing the seat belt while driving his car. “Defence should be like Pujara,” they wrote.

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