Jasprit Bumrah is the best fast bowler in the world at the moment. The Indian pacer has become Team India’s most threatening bowler since making his debut in 2016. He has been phenomenal across formats and was simply sensation in Test cricket in 2018. Bumrah’s variations are tough to pick especially his toe-crushing Yorkers. The 25-year old has revealed the secret behind his most lethal weapon.

“As a kid, I played a lot of tennis ball cricket and with the tennis ball, you can bowl only one kind of a delivery. There’s the length in question, no bouncers. There’s only one ball that you have to practice. At that time, I played for fun. But later, when you start playing serious cricket, you realize the importance of that delivery,” Bumrah told Times of India.

“But not that because it naturally comes to me, I don’t have to keep practicing it. It still takes the same amount of hard work to get it right in a match situation. I do spend enough hours now trying to get all the little things correct. The line, the length, the bounce. The game now actively involves playing three formats that are very different from each other. So, there’s constant work to be done to stay in tune with each of them,” Bumrah added.

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