Chennai Super Kings made a grand comeback to the cash-rich IPL, last year. They went on to win the title after not being part of the league in the preceding two seasons. Now, they have made a great start to the 2019 season of IPL as well by winning the first two games.

Dwayne Bravo, who has been an integral part of CSK in IPL disclosed quite a few interesting details about the side.

“We are aware of our age. It’s there and you can google it but that’s nothing. We are not 60 year-olds, we are 35, 32-year-olds. We are still young, we look after our bodies and we have a lot of experience.

“In any sport, in any tournament, you just cannot beat experience. We know our weaknesses and we play smart and we are well led by the best captain in the world. And he [Dhoni] keeps reminding us that you know we are not the fastest team, but we can be the smartest team,” Bravo added.

“We don’t plan. We don’t have team meetings. We just turn up and go with the flow. MS has a style, and every player has a style. We just watch the situation and adapt quickly and that’s where experience comes in,” said Bravo .

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