Danish Kaneria has stated that it was wrong on his part to get involved in spot-fixing. He wants authorities to lift the lifetime ban on him as he has already paid a big price.

“I regret it a lot. The regret is that had I informed the authorities that time then today this would not be happening,” Kaneria told Sports Tak talking about his role in the spot-fixing incident.

Kaneria had also pressured Westfield to go for spot-fixing. He was handed a four-month prison sentence and five years ban. Kaneria, on the other hand, was banned for life.

“I did a mistake and I pleaded guilty. I have paid for the mistake. My international career got ruined but now, at least for humanity’s sake, I ask to lift up the restrictions on me so that I could take the art of leg-spin forward. I regret it but now I want to do something that people could remember always,” Kaneria said.

“What was done was wrong and should not have done that. It was a mistake and the consequences have been big.”

The leg-spinner further added that he has no other source of livelihood so he started a YouTube channel.

“I do not have any job. I used to go on news shows earlier, but the big Pakistan news channels have not paid my dues. I can just request them to pay. Now the channels have gone against me. So, now I have started my new YouTube channel. Do not have a team as of now. My elder brother has been taking care of family and finances.”

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