The Indo-Pak clash in the upcoming World Cup has already created a stir. Ever since the Pulwama terror attack, cricket experts have been coming up with their views on whether India should boycott Pakistan in the ICC megaevent or not.

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly had also shared their views on the same. Sachin Tendulkar had said, “India has always come up trumps against Pakistan in the World Cup. Time to beat them once again. Would personally hate to give them two points and help them in the tournament.”

Ganguly courted controversy by saying, “Sachin wants two points against Pakistan, I want the World Cup. Whichever way you look at it.” Many people took Dada’s statement as targetting Sachin’s view.

Ganguly clarified his statement on Twitter and wrote, “A lot of people in the media is trying to put my statement against sachin s when I said “I want the World Cup”My response has got nothing to do with his statement, nor is my statement against his .. he is, has been and will be one of my best friends for last 25 years @sachin_rt.”

Sachin, however, had not taken any offence to Dada’s opinion on his statement and responded to Ganguly’s tweet and said, “Never felt the need for you to justify. Strongly believe that all of us want what’s best for our nation.”

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