Senior Journalist Boria Majumdar on Wednesday revealed the reason behind Rohit Sharma's decision to not travel to Australia from UAE with the rest of the team, after the conclusion of the 13th edition of IPL.

He told the reason behind his decision to return to India is not at all related to his injury or even commitment. Boria further revealed that Rohit returned to India because his father had contracted the COVID-19 virus.

“The reason Rohit didn’t travel with the team [to Australia], came back to Mumbai with Mumbai Indians is because his father had COVID. That is the reality,” Boria Majumdar was quoted as saying on Sports Today.

Meanwhile, media reports are suggesting that Rohit might miss the four-match Test series, which has invited criticism for him. many have suggested that Rohit should've traveled with the rest of the team and continue his rehab Down Under.

“After that, if he didn’t want to play the red-ball series, there was no reason for him to travel to the NCA. He could have easily stayed back with Ritika (wife) and family. So there is absolutely no reason to say that Rohit didn’t want to play the red-ball series,” he added.

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With Rohit currently at the NCA, along with pacer Ishant Sharma, the chances of his involvement in the Test series seems quite bleak. Also, if Rohit manages to reach Australia, he will be placed under a 14-day quarantine period, which makes his case even worse.

Having said that, the BCCI is currently negotiating with Cricket Australia and the state government to relax the quarantine rules for Rohit, as well as Ishant.

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