2020 has been an unusual year, the Indian Premier League being no exception. That being the case and a sense of the ‘old’ setting in rather quickly, in keeping with the theme, here is why the Delhi Capitals win over the Mumbai Indians will be the ushering of the IPL into the next generation.

There is little doubt that the Mumbai Indians are overwhelming favourites to lift the IPL trophy in 2020 in the UAE. Despite the controversy surrounding their skipper Rohit Sharma’s injury, the Mumbai Indians have managed to keep their head on the shoulders showing why there are a powerhouse team, outclassing the hungry Delhi Capitals in Qualifier 1.

The Delhi Capitals had to dig themselves out of the hole they created for themselves against the Mumbai Indians in the crucial crunch game. All credit to them then that they backed themselves enough to pull off a stunning strategy of promoting Marcus Stoinis up the batting order in the next do or die match in the form of the qualifier 2 match.

After all, the eliminator match showed that sometimes a crunch play-off match might not be the place for experimentation, earning Virat Kohli no credit for a similar move on himself for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

However, the Delhi Capitals have been an inspired team and the story really of IPL 2020, led by a young captain and India aspirant, Shreyas Iyer, who is climbing rather quickly up the ranks for his talent and his captaincy. The show from the Delhi Capitals made them the underdogs in the first half, serious contenders in the second half of the round-robin and again, worthy underdogs come the final. If the batting of Shikar Dhawan gave them their anchor, Kagiso Rabada’s bowling has given them teeth.

While the Delhi Capitals seemed to find themselves somewhat in awe in the first playoff match, and the first final will also be a case of nerves, knowing that they fell apart and yet that they could put themselves back together to show their upper hand in the second qualifier should stand them in good stead given the enormity of the occasion.

The Mumbai Indians took their time to climb the echelons of cricket history. But under their captain, the team had picked up a colossal four trophies and looking for a fifth to add to their kitty. Their equally strong renowned counterparts, the Chennai Super Kings, suffered the opposite fate, revealing how ageing cricketers and outdated strategies had undone them against teams constantly evolving and bringing into play, fresh legs.

With that being the case, and the IPL 2020 a late venture into the season away from home, the story for the IPL would be a virtual fairy tale if the Delhi Capitals can show the same gumption they showed against the Sunrisers in the second qualifier and make it a humdinger of a match in the IPL final to make it sweet revenge against the Mumbai Indians.

A Mumbai Indians victory would be the norm. A sensational trophy run for the Delhi Capitals would be the highlight story. The IPL 2020 would want to end on a high but also, whet the appetite for the IPL 2021 season not far behind. Would a Mumbai India’s regulation fifth trophy do that or a stunning underdog story?

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