Why social media is a vital tool today in enhancing a cricketer’s image among masses?

Social media is everywhere today. You cannot ignore it. And for all the talks of the various ill effects of the social media world, a lot of good can also be done with it. Cricketers, for example, benefit a lot today from social media.

In fact, one can say that social media is a vital tool in enhancing the image of a cricketer amongst the millennia’s. It helps them connect to their fans, interact with them and allow them to be more human rather their larger than life selves. This gives fans a much more personal bonding with their favourite cricketers and helps in boosting their overall image as well.

The most recent example of a cricketer using social media to connect to his fans personally was South Africa’s AB De Villiers announcing his retirement over Twitter. It was a huge moment of his career and he could have chosen to do a press conference to announce the news. But De Villiers chose the social media platform and that gave him the opportunity to directly connect to his massive fan base across the world directly.

Apart from direct connectivity, social media these days also helps in boosting a cricketer’s image to the young audience. Famous Indian cricketers like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya and Suresh Raina are all very active on Twitter and Instagram. Kohli, for example, keep posting updates about his exercise routines and his journey in fitness to his fans. It serves as an inspiration to countless of his followers as their hero keeps pushing them on to work harder on their body and remain fit.

Another aspect of social media helping a cricketer’s image recently has been the case of David Warner. The Australian cricketer has been banned for one year from international cricket for his involvement in the ball tampering scandal and that has come as a heavy blow for the batsman. However, over the last couple of months, Warner has been quite active on both Instagram and Twitter. Through Instagram, Warner first kept posting updates about how difficult a time he has gone through after the scandal and how his family and supporters have helped him in this difficult period. This presented a human side of Warner to his fans and gave him some space to free himself of the image that the world media was presenting – that of a cheater. People understood what he had been going through, that he had made a mistake and that made an effect in resurrecting his image a bit.

This wouldn’t have been possible ten years back as all we had then was the media to bank on. Cricketers can now present their side of the story directly to the millennial and that makes a massive difference in their image. Also, cricketers who often come across as arrogant on the cricket field appear completely different on their social media profiles. Simply put, social media allows to put forth a more homely and humane side of cricketers to their fans. It sheds their larger than life appearance and hence fans are able to relate to them on a more personal level.

Thus, while social media has its fair number of flaws, it can also be a useful tool. For cricketers, especially, it is turning out to be pretty helpful in molding their image, which is often falsely interpreted on the field and by the media, and also by helping them have a personal connect with their fans.

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