When Dhoni made Md. Shahzad sacrifice food and sleep

Afghanistan’s Mohammad Shahzad is one of the many cricketers who adore the former Team India captain for his gameplay and even copies Dhoni’s famous ‘helicopter shot’. Known for his bulky figure, the wicket-keeper batsman claimed that eating and sleeping are his two priorities.

"I cannot avoid two things. First one is sleeping, I cannot sacrifice it at all and second one is food. These are two (dear) things which I cannot take a chance on," Shahzad was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz.

However, when Captain Cool is at the crease, Shahzad makes sure he stays glued to the television. The 30-year-old even recalled once such instance where he had to keep his priorities aside to watch Dhoni.

"There was a time when India were playing a final in the West Indies. Dhoni was batting at the end of innings and some 15 odd runs were required in the last over. It was Ramzan at that time as well. Around 3 to 4 minutes were left for Iftaar and food was in front of me. It is said at that time whatever is asked from Allah he grants us. Dhoni was unfit for a couple of games earlier and was only playing the final against Sri Lanka. 15 were needed of the last over. I prayed to Allah that India win this match and Dhoni finishes the match. So, I had prayed and delayed my food for a while then. So, I can delay sleep as well," he added.

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